OnStage Productions media creations

Online Audio editing and Media Production

OnStage Productions media creation.


OnStage Productions (OSP) is a New Zealand based media creation studio offering professional online audio editing, composing, music arranging and sound design services to the commercial music, film, TV and theatre industries.

Save travel and expensive recording studio time with our unique online service that features fast project turnaround, tight budget control and convenient ‘access from anywhere’ streaming.

Contact us on info@onstage.co.nz today to experience the most cost-effective and fun way to produce your music and audio projects.

Recording and Editing

OnStage Productions offers professional audio engineering services with world-class editing tools – your perfect online media editing partner.

  • Audio and music editing.
  • Multitrack mixing and arranging.
  • Podcast editing and mixing.
  • Music comping for dance and theatre.

Composition and Arranging.

OnStage Productions is your perfect media partner for film, TV and game music. Online collaboration to match your timetable with ultra-fast turnaround.

  • Music composition, stingers, jingles and song writing.
  • Music scoring and arranging for film and TV.
  • Sound FX, Foley and voice-overs.
  • Extensive sample library collection, Yamaha Montage and hardware synthesisers collection.

Full Online Service

Incredibly easy online communication. Book your session at a time that suits you from anywhere in the world – no special hardware required, just your cell phone or laptop and a good Internet connection.

  • Full-screen high resolution streaming.
  • High quality audio signal with access to live updated downloads.
  • Talk or text, what ever suits you best.
  • Save valuable travel time to the studio, work from your place anytime, anywhere.

How Online Editing Works

Our online service is the quickest and easiest way to communicate during your music project sessions. You can chat live with your engineer, see the actual screen streaming in real-time and download any project files for evaluation.

1 …Open Your Account

Make contact and open your account, and we’ll set you up with your private access portal and online storage.

email info@onstage.co.nz to make contact.

2…Install The Apps

Follow our handy guides to install Discord and Dropbox apps with your private chat rooms and custom file archives.

3…Make A Booking

On the day of your session log in, chat and share media with your engineer, then watch in real-time as your project is brought to life.

Streaming FAQ

Why do I need apps to stream?

We use the Discord app for streaming real-time footage and allowing 2-way conversation between many people in a channel. Dropbox is our preferred app for storing and sharing media content in real-time. This allows you to listen and download revisions of your project, plus store vast archives of your previous media in a private folder. Both Discord and Dropbox are easy to install, configure and both are free.

Is streaming safe?

Streaming is completly safe as only you (and any extra team members you invite) can see and access all of the media and footage, we cannot access or see your computer. You do not need a webcam or similar device.

Isn’t the video quality poor?

Somewhat, depending on your settings. The streaming footage and sound is provided purely for indication purposes so you can visually see what is happening with your project. At any stage you can request a revision copy, which is a snapshot of your project’s audio delivered to Dropbox. Here your can either listen or download the full quality audio file.

How do you charge for streaming online?

We have a set hourly rate for most standard streaming projects. Our rate has a minimum of 1-hour per session, then rounded to the closest 15-minute block. We bill from the session start, so you won’t be charged for logging in, consulting and setting up project media.

Do you offer in-studio service?

Alas, no. Long story short, we have restructured our business since the lockdowns to be 100% online, focusing on providing the best streaming service with online media delivery.

If you are needing media replication (burning CDs, vinyl or other types) we are able to either mail/courier copies to you, or work with a local services in your country for mastering physical media.